#RPGaDay2023 1st August

So this got off to an auspicious start. Day 1 and I am already a day behind. August 1st if the Swiss National Day, so things in our house can get overshadowed a bit.

The prompt today is First game played this year. For me, it was BareBones Fantasy by DwD Studios. This is a d00 fantasy game which is on the rules-medium end of the rules-light spectrum.

I reached out to Bill Logan of DwD Studios with an outline of what I wanted to do, and he could not have been nicer or more supportive. He even offered to do the layout and provide some stock art for my little book once I made it.

Eight months on and the two things that have stick with me was the way the game used 00-99 for its d00 lists. You read the dice in the most literal sense possible, and I have a post-it note on my desk saying buy more DwD titles.

I go though a lot of games and often the details start to merge into one, and I see a lot of the same ideas going around and around. There was obviously something good about Barebones Fantasy that stuck out.

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