Designer Diary: Work in Progress Generic Tools

It is very rare for me, but this week feels like work, not being paid to play.

My working week is normally reading a game, seeing what is really cool about it, and then creating characters, running through adventures, with lots of note-taking, and then writing up those notes into what I needed to solo it.

This week I am working on generic tools, they could be for anything from Mothership, Bladerunner, Alien, Death in Space, or Hostile. Any of them, or none of them. They probably won’t be for Mothership, that is purely d10 based, and these tables and things are d6.

My exomorph tool is currently d10-based, but the supplement I want to use it for isn’t scheduled until July or August. It shouldn’t really be eating up time this week.

The d66 tables are destined for a collection of themed tables. There is no real narrative to fire my imagination.

All in all, it is hard work

I see this as digging foundations. I know that future products are going to come from these tools. I will get the rewards eventually, just not today, and not this week.

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