The Collected Archives XI: Rats in the Basement

I like the idea of the Rats in the Basement as a first-timer, first adventure. I particularly like the idea of the deadline.

What I struggle with is the burden that Kenny Norris puts on a new potential solo player. Brainstorming up to 100 elements before they even get to play is a huge burden.

I could not remember that part from Frustration to Freedom, so I went and checked, and a version of it is in there.

It is slightly toned down, but not by much, and this time it has gained a cluster map or freewriting activity. I am not sure swapping out thinking of different settings as a list and freewriting about different settings is that much of a gain.

So this is my one gripe.

Beyond that, I think the rats in the basement is a good exercise. If has all the elements you need in a game, social interaction, getting you to roleplay both sides of the conversation, threat, and an element of exploration.

Fine idea, poorly executed.

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