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It is not often I get sent press releases, but I am always happy to help out other publishers. I confess to never having played d20 modern, and in reading around this I found it was based on D&D 3.5, and I have never played that either. Everyday Heroes™ shares some DNA with 5e and I have played that!
Anyone who reads this blog will know that I have little love of fantasy. Modern and near future is definitely my thing. Have a read of the announcement below and see what you think.

Evil Genius Productions LLC, a black-owned game publisher, today announced that it will launch a modern-day roleplaying game called “Everyday Heroes™” — based on the d20 Open Gaming License and the Fifth Edition System Reference Document to create a fresh take on the twenty-year-old game.

The “d20 Modern” tabletop roleplaying game was released 20 years ago. “d20 Modern” was one of the first and most popular roleplaying games set in the current day. Over a four-year lifespan, the system released 11 expansions. The game also created an explosion of 3rd party products that complemented the original game. 

The game was designed by Bill Slavisek, Jeff Grubb, Rich Redman, and Charles Ryan. Grubb has also joined Evil Genius Production’s design team to create the new “Everyday Heroes” game. 

“It’s exciting to revisit the d20 system I helped design 20 years ago,” said Grubb. “How we think about game design has evolved significantly so this is a great opportunity to bring concepts of the ‘d20 Modern’ game into the fifth edition era for today’s players.”

Like its spiritual successor, “EveryDay Heroes” starts with key “d20 Modern” elements such as the basic classes — the strong hero, the fast hero, the tough hero, the smart hero, the dedicated hero, and the charismatic hero — but builds on this convention by introducing several new subclasses, a new wealth system, and a fully revamped chase mechanic. Grubb continued, “Our goal is to use ‘d20 Modern’ as inspiration, not duplication.”

Grubb is joined by fellow “d20 Modern” producer Stan! Brown and veteran game designer Steve Miller. These veterans have worked on some of the most iconic role-playing settings ever released, including “Forgotten Realms,” “Dragonlance,” “Ravenloft,” “Marvel Superheroes Roleplaying Game,” and the “Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game” by West End Games. The three veterans are joined by two upcoming game designers, Chris Ramsay and Sigfried Trent. 

“It’s an amazing experience to work alongside Jeff Grubb and other developers on the  ‘Everyday Heroes’ game.” Says Sigfried Trent. “Jeff is a real hero of mine and an expert in game design.” 

“Everyday Heroes” is currently in development and will be released on Kickstarter later this year. To learn more about this release, visit www.evilgeniusgaming.com.

P.s. If you want to sen dme press releases, I am always happy to read them!

2 thoughts on “Evil Genius – Everyday Heroes™”

  1. I’ve heard about this from several sources in the past week or so. I wish them well, but wonder if they realize that others have long since beaten them to the punch with modern/future rules based on 5e. At least one of which is a Mithral best seller on DTRPG.

  2. But there is always room for another RPG. It all comes down to what they do differently, what is the really cool, fun bit.


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