Solo Dungeon Crawl #2

One of the really cool features of Fantasy AGE is alchemy, and that means grenades! A basic blast grenade or thunder grenade costs the same as a standard pitch torch.

I am mentioning this because I think Kellan needs something to bolster his firepower, his bow is not going to win the day against the giant spider and he is more likely to hit with it, and do more damage with that than he is with his short sword.

Returning to the adventure, Kellan returns to the village and the village elders. Having explained that the cave does indeed contain monsters, and he has the wound and ripped armor to show for it, Kellan asks the elders, in their wisdom, how best to defeat monstrous spiders?

This is a social test. I roll a 14 but with a double 6 including the stunt die. Kellan uses the Sway the Crowd and And Another Thing stunts with this speech. All the village elders agree that Kellan needs something to assist him.

I am not sure how many grenades a village may have, I will roll 3d6 and that will be the total value of grenades that the village elders can command. I roll 12, I will use that for a Lightning and a Thunder grenade. It makes more sense to me that they may have just a couple of granades rather than an entire crate of blast grenades that they forgot to mention. They also offer Kellan heavy leather armor and small shield to replace his torn light leather armor. That at least gives me a bit more protection. Kellan also takes the opportunity to replace his lost arrows and rest up to heal his missing health.

After the meeting, Kellan spends the day resting, securing his new equipment, and getting everything ready to go back into the cave. He is feeling a bit more ‘eyes open’ now he has seen a real monster.

Fresh in the morning, Kellan sets out again.

Returning to the cave entrance, Kellan checks the inside the cave before entering.

A Perceptions (searching) test to see if that big bad spider is lurking in the entrance. 10+3 = 13 success. Oracle question, is the spider there, which is very unlikely. 9 (2 stunt die) No, and… The torch that I dropped has been tossed towards the entrance.

The cave mouth looks clear as far as Kellan can see. Kellan takes the torch from the floor and relights it. It is better to keep the others in reserve. Kallen takes out the lightning grenade. That spider could be anywhere. The cave is too dark to explore without light, which means Kellan cannot sneak up.

Reaching the top of the steps down towards the webs, Kellan looks for the spider again.

A second Perception (search) to look for signs of the Spider. (total of 12, success). Is the spider there? Likely, Yes, and… The spider is no longer deep in the web, but today it is right at the bottom of the steps, and alert.

Time for initiative… Me 10, Spider 10, but I have a higher Stunt Die. I go first.

Prepping the grenade and then throwing it,

Cut a long fight short. The Grenade does 17 damage, and the Spider has 35 to start. The spider moved into the the attack. What follows is a back and forth, it ends with Kellan performing a combat stunt, Mighty Blow. Kellan ends the fight on just 2HP! Kellan would have been more accurate and done more damage if he had used his bow, but the spider was faster stronger and stonger and would not let Kellan get any distance.

Kellan takes a short rest and a breather, regaining 8HP.

Feeling like death, Kellan gets to his feet and starts to burn away the webs. Just to make sure there is not another spider lurking back there!

I think it is very unlikely that there is a magic item, so I will ask the question. The answer is no, but… there are some coins. It comes to 60sp.

This area looks clear. Gathering himself up, Kellan continues to follow that left wall. This leads to a thinner passageway. (Kellan is entering from the left-hand side, and in the torch light is an alcove containing a mummified body.

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