Pulp Cthulhu II

My read-through continues and I remain very happy with what I am seeing. I have put a little snippet below to illustrate what I mean.

In solo play, characters can die, and they die often. It is just a lot more dangerous being on your own. Some soloists will wind back the clock to before the last big question/answer/story branch and carry on playing from that point, assuming that the question/answer had gone the other way. This is a kind of alternative future solution. Other players will find a way where defeat didn’t mean death, possibly you are left for dead, or captured and imprisoned, and so on.

All of these options are extremely subjective, but that isn’t a problem in solo play. You only have to please yourself, so it isn’t exactly cheating.

I am not a fan of this. My dead characters tend to stay dead. The exception to this is is when the game comes with a baked it get-out-of-jail-free card. That is what you saw above.

Pulp-C has similar rules for avoiding falling unconscious and avoiding excessive sanity loss. All come at a price, but they each give you a way to avoid many of Call of Cthulhu’s insta-death situations. When you need to invoke one of these rules, you know it is probably time to try and extract yourself from the situation. Run away to fight another day!

None of them make you plot-armored. You can save yourself once, but after that, you should heed the warning signs.

So far so good!

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