Pathfinder Solo Actual Play Session 1 The Road to Whitesparrow

I am starting my learning through play series for Pathfinder 2e. Last week was all setting up the adventure and creating characters in Fantasy Grounds. Today I started to play.

My goal was to have each video in the 3-5 minutes range, just one scene per video. Watchers could then decide how much time they wanted to invest at any sitting.

The first scene of Night Blade (Sly Flourish/Mike Shea) calls for a fight on the road to Whitesparrow. It is supposedly six bandits. I toned it down to four and I have my PC and a sidekick, called Simon. You simply cannot run a combat with six combatants for five or six rounds in just 300 seconds!

I have split today’s play into four videos. I make loads of rules goofs today, but I have learned what I was doing wrong with the combat damage, fixing that also solved the problem of Simon, not dying or making death checks, and I now know how the Heal spell works.

I will try not to make the same mistake twice, I will always make new ones.

To be continued!

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