Horror Tips & Advice Session #0

There is a pretty long chain of seemingly disconnected thoughts that brought this series into being. I curate a fanzine for Zweihander RPG, and the current issue is due out any day, but the next issue will be the Hallowe’en issue. That got me started thinking about Hallowe’en articles, and from there it is a short hop to putting together a solo horror game for myself.

My game will probably be Vaesen, but that remains to be seen.

This series is about how hard it is to run a horror game in an RPG. Most of us are introduced to roleplaying through D&D. Zombie movies may be scary/horror. Zombie monsters are 2HD cannon fodder.

Monsters are simply not scary when you see them as bags of hit points and experience.

In group games, all the GM’s hard work in building the atmosphere can so easily be destroyed by a single pun or group joke. In solo play, is the goal to scare yourself, or the character?

I have collected together tips and advice on running horror games, nearly all of it can just as easily be applied to a solo game as to a group game.

The first video should be tomorrow.

These tips are taken from my Scarier Horror Play book. You can get 40% off this book at DriveThruRPG using this discount link. You can get 40% off all new releases as a loyalty discount if you join my contact list.

2 thoughts on “Horror Tips & Advice Session #0”

  1. Great!

    I’m a big fan of your tips and I’ll love this new session because solo horror games it’s my favorite solo genre. I started with the combination of Rogue Handler plus Chutullu Dark and One Page Solo Engine. I want to congratulate you for your awesome work.

    Hugs from Brazil :))


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