Solo Tips & Advice #14 Don’t set too many expectations

This tip is related to yesterday’s tip about over-preparing. The idea is that if you have too many preconcieved ideas about what your adventure is going to be about, you may end up wanting to constrain your oracle. When it suggests that the bad guy is the good guy and your mentor is really the villain, that could upset your plans to go on a lich hunt and loot their tomb full of magical artifacts.

Much of the ‘game’ element in solo play comes from not knowing what the oracle is going to suggest, and not knowing what will happen next, just as if you had a human GM with a plan to turn the tables on you. If you have screwed the tables to the floor by deciding in advance where your adventure lies, you could miss out.

I often decide what sort of adventure I want, do I want to go in guns blazing and swords swinging, or it is all James Bond, gadgets, and spies. Beyond that, the adventure is free to twist and turn as the oracle suggests.

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