Solo Tips & Advice #10 Starting at the beginning?

This tip is really about pushing you to think about what solo play does extremely easily, but is incredibly difficult in group play. In this case, it is playing parts of your adventure out of sequence.

I suggest starting with the showdown or grand finale and then going back to see how you got there. Some players may not like the idea of plot armoring yourself in the play of how you got there, but you can balance that with a combination of failing forward, and make the fails really cost, having foes that have a better use for you than just killing you if you are defeated, or introduce an NPC or organization that has cause to bring you back if that is an option.

Or you just keep a running total of how many times you died!

You can play a mostly linear start-to-end game, but use flashback scenes as interludes. If you really wish you had a healing potion, play a flashback scene where there is a possibility of gaining a healing potion. Maybe one based around negotiating, or having to trade for it where you are in the weaker trading position? At what cost do you get that healing potion? If you walk away with it, now jump back into your game, but you do have a healing potion in your backpack.

I am not saying do this every time, with every adventure, but it is an option to keep in your toolbox for when it feels right.

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