Lots of places to sell stuff!

It is no surprise that since becoming non-exclusive to DTRPG that I have been looking at other potential storefronts.

The challenge is that I cannot manage all of them at once. It takes time to create product pages, and how to best learn how to optimise for each storefront.

My current focus is Itch and Amazon. DriveThru, Itch and Amazon are by far the biggest. After that the best known names seem to be Indie Press Revolution [IPR] and Open Game Store.

From then on it is less clear cut. WRKS [pronounced Works] is very new, and looks much more sophisticated. In the same way that Itch is lightyears ahead of DTRPG in terms of features for product pages, so WRKS seem to have some really cool AI running in the background and is smart enough to link in with Google Analytics and Facebook pixel, allowing you to create a Facebook Storefront, as long as you are not just selling PDFs.

Gumroad looks very basic and barebones. Will I use it? Yes, I don’t think I could bring myself to not use a storefront that I know exists and is free to link on.

I will probably use it for PDF only titles and signpost from there to my own site for print copies. Do I expect it to sell much? No I don’t. Any site selling RPG stuff will have to overcome the barrier created by the massive libraries of PDFs that people already have on DTRPG and Itch. That existing library is a very clever way of locking people into a particular store.

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