Check your Purchase Notes

From a marketing point of view your product purchase notes are incredibly powerful, and often overlooked.

They are the one place you are allowed to put external links on DTRPG.

Your purchase note appears on the order confirmation, and in the order confirmation email. This means that even if people do not sign up to receive your emails, you get just one chance to send them a message.

I order a print proof the other day, this is what my order confirmation email looked like.

Everything from the line that reads Thank you for buying… is my purchase note. I use transparent png images so that they equally good on the white background of the email or the nicotine-stained background of the DTRPG site.

Over the past two or three weeks publishers have reported parts of their product footers disappearing. I had one where all the non-breaking spaces were removed from a footer, but the removal was not perfect. the HTML code for a non-breaking space is &nbsp; what was left in the footer was a regular space followed by an orphaned ;. It looked extremely odd as I had <image> ; <image> ; and so on.

We used to be able to use the small bit of HTML that DTRPG uses to show the meta data for a title.

That option has now been removed.

The takeaway from all of this is that there are changes happening to the DTRPG database. It could be just decaying with age and legacy code, or it is in preparation for the new site design. Right here and now, you need to check on a regular basis if your purchase notes are present and if they are, that they are not corrupted in any way.

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