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Rogue Handler Oracle Deck

I finally got the proof copy of my Rogue Handler Oracle Deck today. That took just over a month to arrive, but I am pleased with them. A 200 card deck is a big beast!

My next challenge is to learn how to make tuck boxes, and learn what the limits are for tuckboxes.

Do not rush out and buy this deck, even if you have been waiting for the physical deck! I have submitted it as Deal of the Day again on DriveThruCards, and those come around pretty quickly. You will be able to get this at a discount, probably by next Thursday.

I send out discounts of up to 40% to my blog readers. To qualify all you need to is join my contact list, so I have an email to send the discount code to!

You can of course leave the list whenever you want. Your support is greatly appreciated.

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