ICONS Superpowered Bundles!

Bundle of Holding are hosting two bundles for ICONS, the first gives you the rules, plus supplements of heroes, villains and adventures. The second is the ICONS Universe.

This bundle is a return of the June 2016 offer

If you want to give ICONS a go, I have a set of solo rules that are ICONS compatible. If you are a long time reader of this blog you will know that I have a long term affection for FUDGE, and ICONS was built off of that system as well as other influences.

ICONIC Hero, my rules supplement will be 40% off for the duration of the Bundle of Holding offers. Those are intended to end on 31st of May, so you have just over 2 weeks to grab a bundle, get the solo rules and start a super powered game.

Get your discount through either DTRPG or my own store HERE using code ICOHERO40

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