Dungeon Crawl Solo (new)

This is my latest solo rules booklet.

Once upon a time someone bought my Solo Adventures for Stars Without Number, and liked the icon driven oracle. They then bought my OSR Solo book, and was disappointed that it did not use the same icon tools. The end result is that the Dungeon Crawl Classics [DCC] solo rules does have an icon oracle, but it also has the roll for page, paragraph and sentence oracle that was first showcased in Rogue Handler.

This book falls into three parts. The first is the oracles and questions and answers. The yes-no oracle is not ground breaking in any way. There are three DC target numbers for unlikely, 50/50 and likely questions. One is a critical no, Twenty is a critical yes. That is all there is to say about that really. This oracle is used to control NPCs, including other members of your party.

Part two is all about clocks and drama dice pools. I like these mechanics as they push things out of your control. You have a top level of control in so much as you decide when to start a clock and what the consequences will be, but from that moment onwards, the even happens when the clock or pool says it will.

Part three is all about building and running adventures. Building adventures is about building 5 room dungeons, one for the entire campaign, and then within that, a 5 room dungeon for each adventure. You then keep cycling through adventures as you level up. You use the stage you are at in the campaign to color the adventures you are creating.

I also cover running published adventures. The Portal Under The Stars was my testbed adventure, and I discuss a couple of approaches to running published adventures.

This book is available in print from my own store and lulu from today. It will be live on DriveThruRPG in a couple of hours, and the print edition will be available in a couple of weeks. On Amazon the Kindle edition is live, the print edition will be available in about 72hrs.

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