Wickedly Solo is now Live!

Last year I was commissioned to write solo rules for Wicked Ones. You remember me writing about it back in December.

I am pleased to say that the supplement is now live.

It uses a different approach to my other Forged in the Dark book (Alone in the Dark, for Blades) in that you will not find the icon oracle in this one.

I went for a more madlib approach.

You grab several words from d66 lists, and use them in order to build a stunted little sentence. You can then riff off that sentences meaning to get your answers.

The yes no oracle is purely a fortune roll, success is a yes, a partial is a yes but with consequences or a complication. A failed roll is a no and with the consequences.

The more likely the answer is to be a yes, the more dice you roll.

The highlight for me is not the bit I wrote, it is the cover.

I just love the idea of a monster solo playing Wicked Ones, which means the monster is playing the humans, playing the monsters.

You can find Wickedly Solo here, and a free edition of Wicked Ones here.

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