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I have always had an idea for a solo RPG patreon. I know what I want to do with it, and how it would integrate into everything else I do.

What holds me back is two things. The first is that what I want to offer is very time consuming. I couldn’t do what I do now the patreon at the same time.

The second concern is what if I didn’t muster any patreons? This is always a concern when entering new territory.

One big player in the solo roleplaying space is John Lopez, [https://www.patreon.com/solorpg] or @solo_rpg on twitter.

All of John’s work looks amazing. He is more prolific than I am, and his work looks fantastic to boot.

As I am writing this John’s patreon page says that he has 46 patreons paying £99/month. John has/had a goal that when he hit $100/month he would pay for professional art. I do like the idea of money circulating within the creative community.

John and I both have a similar attitude to solo play being about building a unique gaming experience, one that is perfectly suited to you and how you want to play. As John says “Creating your own solo roleplaying experience is different for everyone! Part of the fun is building a custom toolbox for play.” John then goes on to give a huge range of bespoke tools.

John is more into OSR fantasy than I am, making his work much more focused on the genres that he enjoys. That is quite useful as fantasy is by far the most popular genre in roleplaying.

If you are into fantasy solo play, and you want to start building up your solo toolbox, you can do a lot worse than signing up to John’s patreon. I think it is high quality work at rock bottom prices!

Here is that link again, just in case you need it. https://www.patreon.com/solorpg

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