What a grand week that was!

There is a joke about waiting for a bus to arrive, only for three to come at once.

That is what this week has been like. I knew that Alone in the Dark was going to go platinum, but it sat on exactly 1000 sales for days before finally getting the all important 1001st sale.

I was asked on YouTube if I had considered writing for Silent Legions and Other Dust. I had an email exchange with Kevin Crawford and I have permission to do exactly that. The books are in my DTRPG basket right now. I will check out at the end of the week and start reading.

Sales of Solo Adventures for SWN picked up nicely over the week, the Black Friday/Cyber Monday certainly helped. When I get to write for the other Sine Nomine titles I would expect them to help with the sales of the SWN book. A rising tide lifts all boats, as they say. It would certainly give me more presence in the categories where Stars Without Number features.

I am still making progress with Cut Ups. I have some software to try out. The programme is still in development, so I am looking at an early version. My moment of brilliance is, I think, being able to create Fantasy Grounds module versions that will do a lot of the cutting up and shuffling for you. The add the random snippets to a FG ‘Story’ element. From there you would be able to add them directly to your chat log and so you chat log becomes your journal.

This solution is more elegant than a spreadsheet. I can also incorporate the spreadsheet and PDF in the finished product. This is a way of getting cut ups out to more people to try.

So, all in all, quite a grand week.

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