Stars Without Number Solo Session 1

This was a very brief one scene session, barely worth the name session.

One of the strengths of solo play is that you can play as much or as little as you have time for. It is just a pity that the first time I wanted play real life got in the way. I could have put this off, but the next time I think I will have any spare time will be next week. It is also getting darker here. I know it gets dark everywhere but we are 60° North and our days get very short. For video, the strip lights in my office space are not very good. This means that I need to record these during the best hours of daylight.

Excuses aside. During this scene I have established a few facts about the world of Kallen Tallow. I have explored an upper floor in the factory, finding the HR and payroll departments, the lab where the food supplement formula was prepared or tested, a safe room used for securing the payroll and the company webservers. The last area was that of the managers office that was locked down and I couldn’t get into.

I introduced no NPCs this time. That limited the chances to learn much about Kallen. There was also no conflict.

Things that I want to do next time are find someone who hack the servers. Locate some tools that will get me into the manager’s office.

As a player, I would quite like Kallen to have a weapon, but so far Kallen has not been threatened so he has no immediate need for one.

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