#Inktober Day 1 The Sphere

I am really starting below the bottom! These were supposed to be three spheres but have ended up looking like diseased potatoes.

I know that October has 31 days, and I am doing a 30 day challenge. I am hoping to create something completely independent of any course on the last day.

This drawing game is harder than it looks. The day when I get to illustrate my own gamebooks is receding into the fading mists of future times.

Something I am noticing is that Texan’s on YouTube seem to be really nice people. There is a Horseback Archer, Trey Schlichting of A Company who I like to watch, and Mark Kistler is also Texan. OK, so a random sample of 2 is not exactly representative, but it is a good start.

I am supposed to spend an hour practicing drawing today, so I have a lot of potatoes/spheres to get through! I am of course hoping to discover that I am the next Da Vinci by tomorrow, or I will be disappointed.

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