I need a good name! Whitebox WWII Solo

Today, I am putting together the finishing touches to a booklet for WWII Operation Whitebox.

The star of this solo ruleset is going to be the mission generator. I have been building a step by step set of random tables, or oracles, that set the objective type, the location and more details as you go. These details will carry right through your solo game.

The oracles drill down to individual NPCs names and ranks (you can make up your own numbers)!

I am not normally one for laying down too many important facts before you start to play. In this case, I think it works because the genre already tells you a lot, but not everything. Missions are all about achieving very specific goals. The intention is to take you right up to the moment your characters put boots on the ground and you should know exactly what you are expected to do.

From that moment “No plan survives first contact with the enemy” and you are into limitless solo play.

Just because London believe that a particular factory in Norway needs to be destroyed to help the war effort, doesn’t mean that when you get there that everything will be as you expect.

I have been undercover inside the city of Breslau during the seige. The adventure had us, the NPCs and I, betrayed by a simple waitress, I saved my contact from the Gestapo, had a car chase in armoured cars during an artillery bombardment and did eventually blow up the factory. Subtle it wasn’t, but I was told to cause mayhem. Mission accomplished.

Coming Up

Tomorrow, I will insert the art, and do the page layout. Last check of the text and I hope this booklet will be ready to go on Monday.

If you have my fantasy OSR rules, or my Eldritch Tales booklets, you will not be disappointed. This is not a rehash, this is an different approach, and one that is designed to work with the setting, the rules and play style.

This does create an interesting throught. Should I do Whitestar?

I love whitestar, I developed Navigator RPG from the base of Whitestar. I haven’t played it solo in well over a year. Do you think this is a good idea?

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