Red vs Blue Jam?

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I was thinking today and I came up with a neat little game idea. Initially it was just a solo system.

  1. Take two dice, one red, one blue.
  2. Roll the pair.
  3. If red is higher, the answer is yes.
  4. If blue is higher, the answer is no.
  5. On a double, a plot twist occurs.

Then I though we need some stats, Physique and Smarts.

You get three +1s to share between two stats, so that is a +1 and a +2.

The red vs blue roll is also our skill system. When you are rolling a skill you get to add the appropriate stat to the red die.

Rolling a d6+2 vs 1d6 gives you a pretty good chance of success, even the d6+1 gives you a 16% greater chance of success.

Combat Challenges

I am not really building this for hack and slash but we do need some way of dealing with fights. Narratively, we can deal with much of this with descriptive combat. By that I mean, you describe how you are going to win, and then roll to see how well you achieve it.

This makes combat very tactical. Imagine the situation, how you would defeat this foe, how will you move, how will you act. Then you roll the dice. Did the plan work? If not, you have to rationalise how you are defeated.

Mini System

This is an obviously a micro light system. You have the entire system here in this post. The point is that anyone could take this a make a specific system.

Game jams are just that. I can offer this us, and let anyone do the specific setting and genre stuff. Build what they like.

Does anyone fancy building a Red vs. Blue game?

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