#RPGaDAY2020 Day 15 Frame

Day 8 Shade.

This is another one of the unusual keywords. I am not entirely sure how to relate Frame to roleplaying games or even solo play.

The only thing that comes to me is framing a scene or image.

One way of making solo playing easier is to look at it from a ‘directors chair’ perspective. You can figuratively frame the scene. Imagine your character from about 20′ away (5m-7m). It makes it easier for you to simultaneously visualise the location, NPCs and your character.

Taking the third person perspective is not too dissimilar to playing in a group with terrain and miniatures. At that point you are also looking at things from a top down point of view to get a view of your characters position and that of the NPCs and foes.

This third person frame is, in my opinion, much easier to play if you are not used to seeing the world through a solo characters eyes. I use this frame of reference most of the time, simply because I like this cinematic style of play. I often tell new players to start their games like the opening scenes of movies. High drama, high action. None of this meeting strangers in a tavern stuff.

That is one of the things that is unnecessary in solo play, you don’t have to bring a party together if there is no party.

So, that is my answer today, Frames of references.

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