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#RPGaDAY2020 Day 12 Message

Day 8 Shade.

Dilemma, dilemma, normally I would share my weekly YouTube video. But, I am also doing the RPGaDay challenge and that says that today is “Message” day.

I am going to do the classic switch sell, and tell you that the important thing about the video is the message that it conveys.

The weak point in my argument is of course that I wanted to do the month entirely solo based.

Actually, solo gets a lot of mentions in the video, so maybe this isn’t so out of line.

Today’s video is all about having to start that marketing effort from zero all over again. I also share some of the analytics for my YouTube channel.

I send out discounts of up to 40% to my blog readers. To qualify all you need to is join my contact list, so I have an email to send the discount code to!

You can of course leave the list whenever you want. Your support is greatly appreciated.

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