#RPGaDay2020 Day 5 – Tribute

Today’s inspiration word is Tribute. I am not 100% sure which way to go with this. I have two conflicting articles that I would quite like to write for it.

I think I am going to pay Tribute to an artist, Enrique Meseguer. I have used Enrique’s digital art in dozens of books and he is great for anything gothic horror related.

What is particularly interesting is when you look at his compositions over time, you can see how his skills have evolved.

I don’t know much about art, I know what I like and I am mainly on the look out for illustrations and cover pieces for RPG books.

The piece below will feature in my Eldritch Tales solo book. The London sky line looks great and the fantasy elements in the streetlights are subtle enough to miss at first glance.

I only wish that he would feature more male models. He appears to be a man that likes semi naked ladies, not that I object the semi naked ladies, quite the contrary. My wish is that I could fill books exclusively with Enrique’s art. Giving the book a truly unified look and style. I also want to be more inclusive and include equally positive male and female representation. Actually, I want as many negative images as well. A good villain can be of any gender.

You really would not want to mess with this vampire, would you?

But, no masculine equivalent.

I am sure I am not the first person to look at an artists portfolio and say, wow, but I want more.

There is something else that makes Enrique Meseguer’s work stand out. He has a public portfolio of over 1200 pieces and they are all Public Domain. He operates on a donation/coffee basis for all his art. Or at least all the art I have seen so far.

If that is not good reason to pay tribute to this artist, I don’t know what is.

So Enrique Meseguer is my #RPGaDay2020 Tribute.

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