Forbidden Hero – Show and Tell #1

Finally, I have something to show!

It is looking really rough at the moment but this is a significant step forward, believe me. What this represents is that the first draft is finished, the game is playing well and the text is settled enough to start putting it into inDesign and laying it out.

Would you like to know when these rules are available? Read down to find out.

It is now starting to look more like a forbidden Lands book, we are getting the fonts and graphic styling.

Not only do I try and get the rules to work just like native Forbidden Lands, or zero engine, but I think the ascetic is important as well.

I always feel the need to have a What is Solo Role-Play section, and supporting material for first timers.

This is more important in solo books than it is in, say, an indie RPG. With a full RPG you can assume that it is unlikely to be someone’s first experience of RPGs or that if it is, they are being introduced by an experienced role player to the hobby. With Solo play that is almost definitely not the case.

I still see plenty of people retort “Isn’t solo roleplaying just talking to yourself?” or “Isn’t it just writing a story?”

It is to combat this ignorance of solo play, how it works and how to do it that means I put this in the front of every rule book. You can always skip to Scene One.

Game Icons

I wanted to make Forbidden Lands stand out from Mutant Year Solo. This time around I wanted to use the D66 and game icons. Game Icon oracles work really well in fantasy settings where we get a much broader range of possible interpretations from the internalised emotions and motivations to the physical world to treasures and threats to magic and monsters. Fantasy worlds are culturally rich places and this gives a lot of possible interpretations to each icon.

My previous zero engine rules used a combined 2D6 +D66 to find a word pair. This gave 11 x 36, or 396 possible improvisation prompts. This game icon solution gives 36×36, 1296 possible outcomes.

I cannot show you any more than that, because it isn’t laid out more more than you may have seen in Wednesday’s video.

I said on Wednesday that I hoped to have the book being laid out by the end of the week and having more to show you, for me it is Thursday evening and I have a total of 4 pages done. It bodes well for tomorrow.

A Possible Project?

I am considering doing some videos on how to use solo rules to play these games. I am just not sure if there would be much interest. Does anyone watch solo play ‘actual plays’?

I would really like your feedback.

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1 thought on “Forbidden Hero – Show and Tell #1”

  1. I’d love to see some solo “actual plays”. Honestly, I find solo APs more interesting than non-solo ones. The solo APs tend to be instructive and concise by nature, while the non-solo APs tend to devolve into a near infinite series of 30 minute improv dialogues between one player and the GM.


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