Capers Solo

Today I released Capers Solo.

Capers is a 1920s Supers RPG that uses a playing card game mechanic in place of dice. This is one of the few time periods where cards really works well. The whole speak easy, gangsters, illegal gambling and Untouchables goes well with you and your players huddled around a table with a pack of cards.

You won’t have seen any of the development for this solo rules booklet on the blog. I wrote it a year ago, when I was playing Capers. I have dragged it out of the archives because I am trying to keep up this one book a week momentum. My real project of the moment is Forbidden Lands and that book will take as long as it takes.

Capers Solo is a very fast to play solo game. I think that is one of this set’s greatest strengths. Everything is a single card draw.

As always, I offer my readers a 40% discount. If you missed my email this week. This link will give you the loyalty discount on this book. It is valid until end of July. Discount Link.

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