Savage Worlds, Capers & Forbidden Lands

I am lucky enough that I have a folder of solo rules I have made, for personal use, that I can share as and when things like Community Content Programmes become available, or a game gets a compatibility licence.

Some of them I make up over a weekend, just rough and ready things, but then when I revisit the game I refine them a bit more, and so on.

Last week I put out my Savage Worlds solo game guide, and since then I have been focusing on Forbidden Lands. I promised to write these rules two months ago, but they have taken a lot longer than I had anticipated. In theory, they are zero engine and it should be easy, using the MYZ solo rules as a base.

Forbidden Lands is not just a fantasy rehash of MYZ, it is a very rich, and solo play friendly, fantasy game.

At the moment, I have set myself a goal of getting one booklet out each week. I was able to fill in some weeks with small projects like Maze Rat and A Lonely Knave. Others I have filled in with things from my archives.

This coming week will see me put out Capers Solo, in one form or another, as yet undecided, and then in two weeks it will be Forbidden Lands turn.

I finished the first draft last night, and played a session this evening.

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