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5e Solo on Fantasy Grounds

I spend today working on building my first Fantasy Grounds module.

What I am building is an interactive version of my 5th Edition D&D Solo Rules.

I tend not to do a lot of Pay What You Want, and I don’t do a lot of D&D 5e. There are too many other games that are doing really interesting things to sit in the mainstream.

This time is different.

I want to go PWYW because I am not confident that my first interactive module will be up to standard. I would like to get some positive feedback before I decide how much it is worth.

Doing 5e first makes the most sense as I have more chance of finding people prepared to take a chance drawing from a very large pool, than I have drawing from a small pool of solo enthusiasts.

On Monday, I am releasing my Mothership solo rules. After that my desk is pretty clear to try and get the 5e Fantasy Grounds solo module going. I will blog a lot about these, using Fantasy Grounds to run a solo module and I will try and have enough to demo it on Wednesday during my video blog.

This is one of those “Watch This Space” blogs!

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