Graves, Knaves and Maze Rats

I have had a great two weeks mucking about with Knave and Maze Rats. This follows on from the work I did on the Dissident Whispers adventure, and so I created a one-page adventure, called Grave Error.

I released it today and blog readers can buy it for just 90¢ using this link. Grave Error. (valid until end of June 2020)

I will always give you up to 40% off new releases. If you want to know when I release games and adventures, please read down.

This is not explicitly a solo adventure but I see it as four scenes, if by chance I were to solo play it. The village scene, an exploration scene, the ‘dungeon delve’ and a resolution scene.

Grave Error was written with a group in mind, as I am conscious that there are more GMs and players in groups than are solo playing.

What I learned in writing this was something about the unique nature of both Knave and MAze Rats. Both mini games offer character creation and magic but not bestiaries. You are supposed to plug in your own monsters and they should work with just about any OSR monster manual.

When you are writing an adventure and you don’t know what monsters are available poses a challenge. This time I was conservative and went through all the OSR monster manuals I own and picked our beasties that are pretty common to all. They also appear on the most common Wandering Monster tables for terrains.

If this adventure proves popular, I will certainly do more. I have a bit of a desire to go beyond dungeons and do some adventures in different situations. I am sure there is a skill to this, and it is always satisfying to improve a skill set.

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