Ghost Ops & FUDGE Solo

At the start of the pandemic many big name brands, WotC and Onyx Path spring to mind, started giving away PDFs of their games. Whilst that was very kind, it made trying to sell games exceptionally hard. If you were an indie developer who needed that income more than ever; trying to compete against a massive marketing machine giving stuff away for free was a tough ask.

One such game was Ghost Ops.

Right now Ghost Ops is Pay What You Want. But please don’t read that as Free, it should be either PWYWBPPS (Pay What You Want But Please Pay Something) or PWIIW (Pay What It Is Worth)

My frequent mantra is that no game should go unplayed. Through a tenuous series of events it just so happens that the very first set of Solo Rules that I wrote was for FUDGE and they were written so I could play Ghost Ops.

I have always liked the way that Dyson Logos does his Release the Kraken emails, where he released older maps from the archives. It feels a bit like that for me this month having dug several solo systems, written for personal use, out of the archive and released them.

The point of this post today, is to ask you to support FeralGamerInc, support Ghost Ops and please send them a few dollars. My contribution is to give you the solo engine to play the game.

In today’s video on YouTube, towards the end is about a minute of me using the FUDGE Solo engine, if you haven’t used it it will give you the briefest of introductions.

Back to the dungeon

I am getting stuck into my Knave solo rules. All of the game mechanics are written and tomorrow I will have something to show and tell. I can also explain the one complication I hit in writing the rules.

Today I am writing all the supporting material and playing the game solo.

As always when the game is released there will be a loyalty discount for blog readers. These rules are going to be pretty cheap anyway but a saving is a saving!

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