Mothership RPG Solo – It works!

As of this afternoon (it is 4.30pm for me) I have a working system for Mothership RPG that is probably the most sophisticated set of solo rules I have ever created, and wonderfully rules and dice light.

The funny thing is that since I first made my notes, I had mistyped 6d10 as 5d10, that missing d10 had made my life extremely difficult. The core dice mechanic I am using is that a small pool of rolls are made and the top of each scene. These are then called upon as and when needed. It means you are not having to stop and roll dice all the time to work the solo rules, in a game that sponsors not rolling as much as possible.

Mothership Solo is starting to come together into something genuinely playable! If you would like a discount on this rule book when it is released please scroll down to the bottom of the page!

A dice pool of 5d10 may not sound much smaller than 6d10 but that missing die makes a big difference. Or it has done to me during the playtesting. It makes no difference if you have an unused roll, not having enough rolls are a much bigger problem.

The next task for me is to try and turn the big pile of print outs, post-it notes and scraps of paper into a single document.

When I was writing SURP and Symbaroum Solo I was posting regular updates and sharing screenshots of the work in progress. With Mothership it would look like the contents of a typical office waste paper basket!

That is all about to change!

I will be play testing again tonight. If things continue to work as expected. I will type things up and try and get some evocative art. I confess right now, I am not a fan of the stylised images in the Players Survival Guide. I can see how they were made and I have done similar things myself in projects.

What I will be looking for is the dark industrial style of the Alien movie and Bladerunner. Art selection is a wonderful thing to do before a playtest. It fills the mind with all sorts of images and ideas. That is why I try and put so much art into my books. It will come as no surprise that art is inspirational!

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