I released SURP today, the Solo Universal Role Play book. It was intended to be used with that Generic Universal Role Playing game that rhymes with slurps.

Before I started writing I contacted the publisher and told them what I wanted to do, they responded pointing me to the disclaimer to use in the book. All was well and good.

I released the book today and all of a sudden SJG was complaining that this was not a slurps book. I totally agree with them. I had read all the guidance on their website and when I had mentioned slurps I had made sure it was noted as their copyright, I had used their provided wording. What is more I had studiously avoided using any of their wording, I had included none of their rules, and none of their art. The idea of 3d6 roll under is nothing new and existed before slurps ever did.

These days, being right or wrong is neither here nor there. I cannot, not have the inclination, to fight a copyright case against a company I was trying to support. Life is too short.

I have lost my appetite for buying any more of their games and books though, at least for the time being.

Slurps is a good game, and I enjoyed playing it. If you like it, and want to play it, but cannot find a group. You can find the solo rules on DTRPG by following this link. That includes the 40% loyalty discount that I always try and give to my blog readers.

2 thoughts on “SURP SLURPS?”

  1. Ugh, that’s so frustrating. I did pick up a copy first thing this morning when I got the email. I’ve always liked GURPS and always thought that SJG had some really good products. But I’ve also noticed that they are a tad over-zealous and protective of their products as well. It’s sad that you can follow the rules and guidelines and still get punished for it.

    • It is sad, but there is not a lot you can do. I hope that when people are reorganising their game shelves, and discover GURPS they may give it a spin again.

      I was going to invest in the Martial Arts book for 4e, but I probably won’t now. What really attracted me to GURPs was that it was had borrowed heavily from Champions, one of my favourite games. I also see that they [Hero Games] actively engage with community content.

      Always look for the opportunities, don’t dwell on the knockbacks.


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