SURPS (GURPS) Solo Universal Role Play System

Today was a good day! I got some playtesting done, a few more edits to the document but most importantly, a lot of the page layout done. It isn’t complete yet, but below are a lot of ‘spreads’ (two page layouts) of the book as it stands.

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There is still more to layout. I think this is going to end up as a 50 book. Initially just PDF, but later as a printed paperback as well.

This weekend is largely clear, which means that I get to have a three good sessions of playtest and refining the rules.

I know it is bad practice, but I tend to do the last edits directly into inDesign, the layout programme. It means I can balance the content and the layout. If I was doing it by the book, I would be editing in the word processor and then importing into inDesign for layout.

If you are an entire team of developers, I am sure that makes sense. As I am one person, it makes little difference to me. But it is much more satisfying to see the book taking shape as I work on it. I have a colour laser printer as well, so the rules I am working from look nice at this stage.

You can let me know what you think in the comments below!

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