Navigator Bare Metal, Castles & Crusades and GURPS

My latest video diary is live on YouTube. It has been a pretty good week all round!

When I can find the Castles & Crusades video on YouTube I will be able to add it to the Crusaders Solo Handbook product description. I don’t know if having videos on the product pages help sales, I would instinctively think that it does. Surely you cannot give too much information before someone buys a product. The videos don’t autoplay, so if you don’t want to watch you don’t have to.

Navigator Bare Metal Edition is moving on at quite a pace. The first four chapters covering introduction, glossary, ancestry/species, talent & flaws and rolling stats are all stripped of all references to WhiteStar and Swords & Wizardry.

Tonights effort will be to strip out the WhiteStar professions. This will largely just leave the rules on how to create a profession.

GURPS Solo, is the final topic. The rules are written, the tables all exist. What needs doing is solo play advice and more playtesting. I treated myself to a couple of hours art selecting the other day. This is going to be a lovely looking book if I can get it all to come together as envisioned.

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