Playtesting Navigator RPG

This is my latest video diary.

This is my second time using OBS for recording the video. Still not really comfortable with it, but getting better. I made a classic mistake in that I did the full 16 minutes to camera and then realised I hadn’t pressed record. D’oh!

I touch upon virtual Cons in the video. I think it is important that we support these online conventions. Many small cons may not survive without people picking up the baton and joining in the virtual games.

There is not a lot you can say that is positive about a pandemic, but the way that our hobby has taken to virtual table tops is one of them. I have also seen an increase in popularity in my little solo books.

I honestly feel that this spring as been the easiest time to find playtesters for new games. I am also hoping that this attitude shift towards supporting new indie games and giving them a go continues.

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