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I believe, although correct me if I am wrong, that this is a non-issue in solo play. In every set of solo rules that I produce I always emphasize that with the Oracle or open question tools that you take three factors into consideration; the story do far, the Oracle answer and the sort of adventure you want to have. If your stories take you to places you don’t want to go then the issue doesn’t lie with the game.

Curiously, I have always considered games with larger narrative currency economies to be the most supportive. If anyone at any time can say ‘No, that doesn’t happen.’ They can change the situation. 7th Sea, for example, is entirely built around narrative currency. Every raise you spend buys you a portion of the games narrative. I picked 7th Sea as every adventure I have seen has the same boilerplate text at the front including the X card rule.

The X card is a mechanism where a character can invoke the X card and it immediately vetoes a topic from the game. No discussion, no push back and no need to explain yourself.

7th Sea is also, in my limited experience, the single most inclusive game there is.

The multi layer approach of narrative currency, the X card, inclusive setting and the ultimate control of the solo game is why I chose it as the very first game I wrote system specific solo rules for.

The 7th Sea Solo Rules are also one of my best selling supplements despite the fact that I have never done any promotion or advertising.

7th Sea is not an easy game to solo play, it will challenge your improv skills if you are unused to solo play but it is well worth the investment of time and effort.

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