Random Dice Tables

Every now and again as GM you want to make a secret roll. Sometimes you wish you had dice on you but rolling them would be difficult or inappropriate. Maybe you are running a mass battle and you just want to speed things up. Maybe you are not in a position to take out your dice and you need to make a few rolls. Our random dice tables are just pages of dice rolls that you can use for gaming when rolling the real things is simply not possible or undesirable.

We have published dice tables for every commonly used dice in role playing games and dice combinations so you will find d6 and d10 but also 2d6 and 2d10.

Whatever your preferred game system we have a random dice book for you or if we don’t then it is in the pipeline.

Each book in this series contains at least 10,000 random rolls

10,000 Fudge dice displayed as -1 0 or +1 and grouped in blocks of 4 rolls.
 10,000 D20 dice rolls.