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Hi, I am Peter Rudin-Burgess, and I write solo roleplaying ‘stuff’. Mostly that means specialized rules to add solo play to popular games, but it also includes adventures that I set up to make them easy to play solo or with a group.

My bible for solo play. highly recommend. worth every penny.

5 out of 5

Marshall H. [Verified Purchaser] 01/19/2022

An excellent introduction to Solo RPGs. A must-have supplemental for any oracle when starting to do solo games

5 out of 5

Allegra V. R. [Verified Purchaser] 10/19/2021

I have been a GM for 30 years, and most aspects of running a game come easy to me, but I still found the transition to solo play to be a bit of a challenge. The tips and advice in this book clarify some aspects and offer different perspectives than are found in other solo supplements. This isn’t so much a “how to” as to a “how to think about it”.

After you have a good oracle and a favorite game system, I would say this is the next best purchase on a solo gaming journey.

5 out of 5

Robert G. [Verified Purchaser]


I have created sixty or so separate solo rules supplements for some of the biggest games in the hobby and some niche indie games. Anything I play and enjoy is likely to get solo rules if I am allowed to do so by the publisher.

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I share solo-playing tips and advice by email. I also send discount codes [40% off] for any new titles I create. If you have any solo-playing questions, you can reply and ask me anything. I will send you weekly solo-playing tips that you can apply to your games, solo or otherwise.

Right now, get my Alien RPG rules Free for joining my contact list, and more free rules as they are released, including Shadowrun and StarTrek Adventures [2d20].


I post at least one video a week, often more. They range from video diaries as a game designer to product reviews, thoughts on the RPG industry, and solo roleplaying actual plays. I curate several playlists; pick the ones that suit your interest.


My books are available on DriveThruRPG, Itch.io, Lulu, and Amazon, but you can also buy directly from me on my Shopify Store.

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You can follow me on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram or talk to me directly on Discord, but the most exciting place is my Patreon. This is where I share work-in-progress versions of pre-release books; supporters can request rules to be written and give feedback on projects as I go.

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