3Deep Role Playing Game GM’s Resource Supplement


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About the GM’s Resource

What you get

This GM’s resource rule book contains more monsters, magic & technology PLUS rule clarifications & explanations. The GM’s Resource applies the 3Deep core rules to specific situations such as building bombs, blowing up vehicles and being bitten by venomous snakes.

There is more guidance on skills, difficulty factors and exceptional stats. The natural world is looked at in more detail as are specific uses for skills and we also look at explosions, fire and poison.


Combat-wise we look at using more than one weapon at a time like a classic gunslinger in the Wild West or the net and trident gladiators of ancient Rome.


The vehicle rules are massively expanded and include designing vehicles, vehicle armour and ramming your opponent.


Mana gets a chapter all to itself and you can now collaborate with other spell casters in a coven as well as build magical items. More magical effects are described with suggested costs and now to manage the effects as Game Master.

The Bestiary

Finally we introduce the bestiary. There are more creatures both natural and fantastic as well as more information on how to build your own. Featured creatures include the undead, dinosaurs and popular intelligent races like orcs and goblins.