The Camlann Chronicles




Camlann Chronicles is a Welsh and Brythonic themed campaign for both 5th edition and the Lore 100 System.

King Aedan is a broad-shouldered man in his early twenties. His loosely fitting tunic depicts a white bear on a field of royal blue; a sword hangs at his side. For nearly a year now, King Aedan has worn an unkempt beard and a distant look of sadness that came upon him after the death of his father, King Uther. You vividly remember the announcement of King Uther’s death as it echoed off the walls and corridors of Castle Camlann, “The King is dead; long live the King!”

King Aedan and King Ungus

The Camlann Chronicles weaves together Arthurian legends and fantasy RPG tropes. Fledgling kingdoms, including the likes of Gwynedd, Rheged and Dyfed, fight amongst themselves for control of the mythic British Isle. The nobility of these fledgling kingdoms shares the common dream of a united realm; though they are unwilling to bend their own knee.

In this campaign, the struggle to unite the kingdoms of the British isle is primarily a fight between two human kingdoms, Gwynedd, in the South, and Moray, in the North. Gwynedd is the kingdom ruled by the hand of the righteous King Aeden; it is backed by the Fey, or Elves of Avalon. Moray is a Pictish kingdom ruled by the battle-hardened King Ungus, and backed by the Seelie, the exiled elves who were wrongfully cast into the darkness of Underearth by the Fey. If the Fey and their allies are champions of chivalry and the light, then the Seelie and their allies are believers of liberation theology and are quite comfortable lurking in the dark.


This book contains:

  • 4 full scenarios; 12+ game sessions
  • 10 pre-generated player characters
  • Settings section for a fantastical rendering of Welsh and Brythonic Britain
  • Description of important NPCs
  • Designed for 5e gameplay, with optional rules for incorporating character background
  • Includes the Lore 100 RPG system

Lore 100 System

The Lore 100 System uses the unique elements of the Lore System and marries it to a traditional d100 system. It is built to combine the investigative abilities of systems like GUMSHOE with the gritty combat of Mongoose Legends, all tied to the setting and character backgrounds with Lore Sheets.  This is being developed for use with genre-bending sci-f- and fantasy genres. The Lore 100 System is available for free (and is under the Singularity True Open Game License) here.


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