Solo Oracle Cards Troika! Compatible



This deck of 72 cards allows you to play Troika! without dice, but also without a Game Master. The cards give you a collection of oracles and prompts to help you answer questions, and the dice allow you to use the rolls on the cards.

Card-based oracles cannot know how likely a question is to be yes or no. The distribution of answers is unbiased on these cards. There are 12 of every answer. You can account for bias and likelihood by drawing two cards and choosing the answer that seems the most logical, rather like the Advantage system from 5e.

The deck is suitably strange having the regular four suits, Clubs, Spades, Diamonds and Hearts, but we have 18 cards per suit. The new cards are the Soldier, Maid, Courtesan, Vizier, and Bishop. If you want to use the cards as a traditional deck, you can remove these new cards and play with the normal cards, or you can adapt your favourite card games to give them a new twist.

This product contains the 72 cards, in one PDF, and a set of instructions for their use with Troika!.

There will be a physical card deck available soon.






Peter Rudin-Burgess/Public Domain


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