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Solo Roleplaying Apocthulhu



Apocthulhu is probably my favorite Cthulhu Mythos RPGs. Too many CoC games ended with my investigator dead and the mystery unsolved. Apocthulhu is different. It takes place after the bad guys won. The cultists were right and possibly R’yleh has risen. We are then into a post-apocalyptic game but rather than zombies or a nuclear wasteland we are dealing with a mythos spawned apocalypse setting.

Apocthulhu is derived from various OGL sources, such as Legend, and uses a very familiar d100, roll under your skill mechanic. One of the key features of the setting(s) is the scarcity of resources. The core oracle in these solo rules mimics the scavenging skill resolution and that carries on through to controlling NPCs in your world, and for running published adventures.

This solo set contains a page on safety tools, this may strike you as odd in solo play, but I felt that there was a place for them in this genre.

This is not a big set of rules, the page count says 25 pages, which is 22 pages of supplement and a 3-page OGL license.


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Peter Rudin-Burgess/Public Domain


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