Lone Star


Solo rules for Mothership RPG


Lone Star: Solo rules for Mothership RPG

This rules supplement allows you to play Mothership © RPG without a Warden. It does this using some very simple game mechanics that are fully in keeping with the Mothership gameplay. These should be instantly recognizable to a Mothership fan.

Warden Emulation

Mothership is not a game of rolling skills at every challenge, it is one of imaginative play and the Warden creating challenges to put your character under stress. These rules turn questions you would normally as your Warden into prompts for your own improvisation. They suggest points were plot twists should throw your characters off or introduce new threats.

Your Crew

Solo works best with a single crew member under your control. You are the star of the show, and the story is all about you. In Mothership, the way that stress and panic cascades through the crew are important elements. These rules give you tools to create crew members and have them behaviours, faithful to their own agendas, without you have to roleplay them as complete PCs.

Print Version

This booklet will be going to print at some point in the future. This download contains two different versions of the PDF, one black text on a white page, the other inverted. When I have decided which is the better looking and most functional. I will prepare print-ready PDFs.

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