Solo Roleplaying Compatible with ICONS Assembled

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ICONIC Hero gives you a simple set of tools that allow you to play ICONS Assembled without a Game Master. If you want to learn the game, or you cannot get a group together, these rules will let you play on your own. No need to be an expert or know the rules inside out, anyone with imagination, and an enjoyment of improvisation can enjoy solo roleplaying.

Solo roleplay uses prompts to fire your imagination. When you would ask the Game Master questions about the scenes your character is in, here you ask the dice. You roll, you get an answer, and then you use that answer to improvise. Take what you know about your Hero, and the story so far, and think, what does that answer mean to me right now? Solo role-playing is not like playing solitaire on your computer. The story is shaped as you play. You will have no idea of that will happen in the end. These rules include a “Sorry, I don’t think so…” mechanic where if the game throws up a clearly ‘wrong’ result, you give the character a Determination Token and go with what you think the right result should have been.

These solo rules are intentionally fast and light. They work just like the published rules for ICONS Assembled. You only need 2d6 rolled as individual dice.
My motto is that no game should go unplayed. Ad Infinitum Adventures was kind enough to give ICONS Assembled away at the start of the global pandemic. If you got this game but have not been able to play. This booklet will get you playing. ICONS Assembled is fast, fun and easy to learn. These solo rules are designed to fit into that style of play.

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Carl Olsen, Cath Elineau, Dark Zaitzev, Delapouite




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