A Solo Oracle System for The Black Hack

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Compatible with OSR gaming and The Black Hack 2e

You can play The Black Hack [TBH] without a game master. Play when you like, for as long as you like. Grab your d20 and a d12 or two and set out on a great adventure.

These solo rules give an oracle based approach to solo play. Just as The Black Hack is driven by Roll Under Attribute, these rules use a Roll Under mechanic for yes-no answers. Just as TBH uses ‘drop your dice on the page’ this book uses that same method for inspiration prompts. If you want to get into solo playing TBH, these rules should fit in seamlessly.

These are not numbered paragraph, ‘if you take the left corridor turn to page 47’ adventures. The play style offered by these rules is an unlimited sandbox where anything can happen. They dovetail into the random tables included in TBH.

HACK SOLO uses prompts to fire your imagination. When you would ask the Game Master questions about the scenes your character is in, here you ask the dice. You roll, you get an answer, and then you use that answer to improvise. Take what you know about your character, and the story so far, and think, what does that answer mean to me right now? Solo roleplying is not like playing solitaire on your computer. The story is shaped as you play. You will have no idea what will happen in the end.




Rick Hershey


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