Solo Roleplaying Warlock!

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Warlock is a great, rules-light game that marries Warhammer FRP with Fighting Fantasy. This supplement adds on solo play to the Warlock toolbox.

There are three key tools in this solo supplement. The Master Table is a d20 table of different themed aspects, people, places, items, events and so on. You pick the aspects that relate to your situation and then mix and match the elements you rolled to answer questions and flesh out ideas. The yes-no oracle is a d20, roll high for yes, low for no, but takes the characters Luck attribute into consideration. The effect is that at the start of adventures, this start of in a kind of ‘easy mode’ but things ramp up to become quite challenging. The third feature is the adventure design chapter and using instant random encounter tables. Short, simple d6 tables, but each one customised to exactly where you are and what you are doing.

The supplement is rounded out with advice and tips on getting starting in solo play and suggestions on supporting a solo character in a game designed for a party of adventurers.

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