Dwarven Legacy


A Dungeon World Adventure for Group or Solo Play

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Parts Per MillionDungeon World is one of my favorite fantasy settings and equally at home used for GM lead groups or solo play, using any of the available oracles or sets of solo tools.

Dwarven Legacy is a tough adventure! As the screenshots below show, the biggest threat is a dragon! this adventure is not for the faint-hearted! The entrance to a dwarven complex has been recently uncovered by a landslide. What is not obvious is that the recent land shift has released something far more dangerous deep below the surface.

This adventure uses Jason Cordova’s 7-3-1 method to set up the key elements of the adventure in a way that is very improvisation-friendly. This makes it easy to play as a GM and as a solo player using an oracle.

This is a 13 page PDF, two pages are cover and front matter. It is a layered PDF allowing you to turn off images for ease of printing. The is a separate file, allowing you to print in color or monochrome and to your choice of size.

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