Cut Up Solo Fantasy Dialogues


11,600 random samples of dialogue



Cut Up Solo

Fantasy Dialogues

This supplement is different from my recent Cut Up Solo supplements. It is not a standalone supplement. This add-on gives you 2,000 samples of dialogue (11,600 in the spreadsheet) extracted from six classic texts, from Arthurian legends to Robin Hood to Wizard of Oz.

The dialogue has been extracted from the books, randomised and arranged into two d100 lists, in the PDF. The spreadsheets are set up to grab 20 examples at once on a single tab.

The samples contain direct speech in the form of short statements and questions, up to speeches and monologues. You will also get samples of how the text was said that are very useful when joining samples to build longer texts and add a lot of flavour in their own right.

This supplement is the first in a short series of dialogue cut up solo supplements. Each will focus on a specific genre as modes of speech have a big impact on maintaining that suspension of disbelief.

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