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Barsoom was Edgar Rice Burrough’s name for Mars in the John Carter of Mars novels. There are 12 Barsoom/Mars novels in all, and this supplement+spreadsheet uses everything that is available in the public domain.

Cut Up Solo is a technique that uses random snippets of text that you pick and fit together, creating what the GM says to you. You can then respond to that, and then the cycle repeats. As all the snippets in this set all come from the same setting and characters, it gives a sense of continuity.

Cut up play is very different from more traditional oracle driven solo play. If you struggle with how to interpret word pairs or prompts, cut up could be for you.

These stories contain over 753,000 words of text, chopped into snippets of 4 or 5 words. You get over 169,000 snippets to mix and match in your solo games. The PDF contains two d1000 tables of snippets, and the spreadsheets contain the full texts.

You also get all the illustrations from the original stories. I included the art as I think it fits in with the philosophy of non-authoring solo play. A regular GM would use visual aids, so why not a solo GM? In this supplement, there are 71 images included.


Peter Rudin-Burgess/Public Domain




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